Truck-lite - Company Profile
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Truck-Lite Global Locations Map
  Falconer, New York, is home to the corporate offices, manufacturing, R&D, laboratory and a distribution center totalling 150,700 sq. ft.
  A distribution center and manufacturing facility in McElhattan, Pennsylvania, encompasses 125,715 sq. ft.
  Our 91,412 sq. ft. assembly plant in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
  Our 45,000 sq. ft. assembly plant in Coudersport, Pennsylvania
  Our Birmingham, England plant, specializing in mirror manufacturing as well as other vehicle safety lighting products.
  Harlow England, a Rubbolite facility totals over 143,000 sq. ft.
  FER, Headquartered in Eisenach, Germany, has manufacturing facilities in Germany, Poland, Spain & Belarus, which produce motor vehicle component parts and products. FER
  Puebla, Mexico is home to Truck-Lite Mexico which encompasses over 22,000 sq. ft.