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Lighting Systems

Truck-Lite's lighting systems product offering encompasses over 49,000 saleable part numbers including complete lighting systems for the OEM heavy-duty commercial vehicle market, individual lighting products such as tail lamps and signal lights, and the industry's broadest selection of replacement bulbs and accessories. We produce lighting products utilizing both traditional incandescent lighting technology and Light Emitting Diode ("LED") technology, and market these products under both our premium Truck-Lite® brand and our Signal-Stat® brand.

Tools and Capabilities

New Product Introduction Process
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Unigraphics
  • AutoCad
  • ProEngineer
  • Catia
  • Mold Flow / Mold Cool – AC Technology
  • Optics Design (ASAP, SPEOS, LUCIDSHAPE)
  • Finite Element Analysis (ANSYS)
Rapid Prototyping
  • Stereolithography
  • Internal model shop & model fabrication
  • Smart Cam Software
Interior Lighting Design Flexibility: Modular, Stylized Lamps
  • Modular Headlamp System
  • MCI Headlamp
  • Kenworth Headlamp module
  • Theoretical Analysis
  • Complex Reflector Design Using ASAP Analysis Software Prior to Prototype Tooling.

Within the traditional incandescent lighting market, we believe Truck-Lite has the broadest and deepest catalog of sealed lamps and accessories in the commercial vehicle lighting industry, and are regarded as the highest quality producer of these lighting technologies. Lighting products based on traditional incandescent lighting technology continue to be widely utilized throughout the heavy-duty commercial vehicle market and North America.

Truck-Lite is also the leading producer of lighting systems based on LED technology within the commercial vehicle industry, and offer the industry's largest selection of such systems. LED-based lighting systems have a significant advantage over traditional incandescent lighting systems when used for commercial vehicle applications featuring longer product life, increased durability and reduced power consumption.

Truck-Lite has a strong foundation, with over 50 years of lighting manufacturing experience. With the industry's largest intellectual portfolio, and a list of industry firsts, Truck-Lite is viewed by the heavy duty industry as the manufacturer of the highest quality and most durable lighting line. By exceeding legal requirements and extending product value, Truck-Lite can offer the most comprehensive warranty system in the industry, combined with responsive technical support and a troubleshooting help line.

Truck-Lite's incandescent line of lighting products includes bulb replaceable and sealed lamps for numerous applications featuring Truck-Lite's Super® line of incandescent lamps. Truck-Lite manufacturing processes utilize shock mounting and vibration welded components, with continual developments in prolonging lamp life. Additional products in the categories of stop/turn/tail, signal, forward, warning, specialty and emergency applications are offered as well.

Since 1995, Truck-Lite has been recognized as the leader for innovative quality Light Emitting Diode products. Standing as the 4th largest purchaser of light emitting diodes in the world and 1st in the heavy-duty market, Truck-Lite offers the broadest line of extended warranty lifetime lighting LED Lamps in the industry. Truck-Lite's developments in LED lighting have made significant progress, resulting in lamps which require less power and provide greater light output.


"Truck-Lite utilizes advanced design software and analysis tools to shorten the development cycle..."

Recognized as the leader for innovative, quality products, Truck-Lite utilizes advanced design software and analysis tools to shorten the development cycle and to create more efficient products. Truck-Lite has developed numerous products for use in original equipment design, as these technologies improve the ways we study light output requirements.

Need a custom designed LED product, or one that solves a specific requirement or problem?  Look no further!  Truck-Lite is widely recognized as the leader for innovative, quality LED designs.   Our engineers have advanced tools available to them to help in specifying, designing, and fully testing a product that completely meets your needs.

A typical development process would include the following steps:

1. Determine the requirements of your application
Truck-Lite's Engineering department works closely with OEM manufacturers to detail the specific needs for upcoming applications, and to help determine how Truck-Lite can meet the needs with new innovative technologies. Cab Illust 1

2. Develop a design and run computer simulations of its performance.
With internal capabilities to simulate light output, Truck-Lite's can help to assure conceptual ideas are meet with the expected results.
Cab Illust 2

3. Discuss and select styling options
Once a product definition is assembled, Truck-Lite's works to create the best styling solution for your needs, and does so with many options. Cab Illust 3

4. Develop and thoroughly test a durable, innovative, and cost effective LED product
Once a product is conceptualized, simulated and designed, Truck-Lite's history of excellence in testing and development assures that the new lamp will perform as needed with the quality you've come to expect with Truck-Lite.

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