3/23/2009 - World’s First 7” Round LED Headlamp Shows Bright Possibilities for Commercial Applications


World's First 7" LED DOT Headlamp Released

World’s First 7” Round LED Headlamp Shows Bright Possibilities for Commercial Applications


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March, 2009, Falconer, New York - The 12 volt extended product line release of the world’s first 7” round LED Headlamp has enabled Truck-Lite to come full circle as your premier See & Be Seen® LED lighting supplier, lighting your way from the front of the truck to the rear of the trailer. This new and exciting LED Headlamp innovation provides a new level of performance for 7” round forward lighting 12 volt applications, offering the extended life and energy efficiency of light emitting diode technology.

The translation of forward lighting to a 12 volt LED headlamp application means brighter, crisper and whiter light output than incandescent alternatives, while offering longer life and greater dependability that has since become standard for LED signaling and marking products. The 7” round LED Headlamps feature solid-state circuit board assemblies for unrivaled shock and vibration resistance and hard-coated polycarbonate lenses that offers 30 times more impact strength than glass. All of these key features work toward a desired goal among end user’s, achieving a maintenance free system.

The US Military has acquired more than 100,000 Truck-Lite 24 volt 7” round LED Headlamps since the release in 2007 for use on both new and existing wheeled and tracked vehicles in Iraq and Afghanistan. After passing rigorous testing and design improvements through corporate laboratory and field studies, Truck-Lite’s 24v launch is currently active on a number of military vehicles. The LED Headlamps have also undergone extreme weather testing at military installations in Panama, Arizona and Alaska with exceptional results! From this success, the 12 volt version is being introduced with countless possibilities for the commercial market.

The 7” round white LED Headlamps meet or exceed all applicable Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements pertaining to headlights, one of the most difficult standards to achieve. Truck-Lite has been able to successfully develop a perfect blend of thermal management and light output to produce an aesthetically pleasing beam pattern through innovative precision optics. The new LED headlamps are designed to replace any standard 7-inch round headlight within 12 volt applications. They can be aimed using standard mechanical aiming equipment.

Made in the U.S.A., each headlamp uses ten high output LEDs as its light source, with a light output brighter than traditional glass beam headlights, which results in better visibility. While a typical headlamp may be rated to last as little as 1,200 hours, Truck-Lite LED Headlamps are expected to exceed that by as much as 50 times. The LED technology used in Truck-Lite’s Headlamps will offer improved visibility over conventional incandescent, as the color temperature of the assembly is around 5000K, far closer to sun light than incandescent or halogen lamps.

For more information on Truck-Lite's 12v LED Headlamp, view the online catalog page.

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