1/07/2011 - Truck-Lite's LED Snow Plow Kits Increase Visibility


Truck-Lite's LED Snow

Plow Kits Increase Visibility


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January, 2011, Falconer, New York - Truck-Lite is announcing the release of their new LED Snow Plow Kit. The LED kit not only improves overall visibility for the vehicles plowing our busy roads & highways, but the lamps are also highly visible by oncoming traffic, improving all around safety.

Craig Hefright, Truck-Lite's Director of New Product & Market Development stated, "Battling winters harsh conditions & often poor visibility is a constant challenge for our highway departments & municipalities when plowing day & night. With the advent of our headlamp, we already had the established technology under our belt to implement a more durable & safe solution in the form of our LED Snow Plow kit."

Truck-Lite's work with the US military to develop the first LED Headlamp, leading into a commercially suitable, DOT compliant lamp provided a strong back-bone to offering snow plows better visibility and added safety. LED lights are significantly brighter than traditional lamps, have a much longer life expectancy as well as increased durability & lower current draw.

Heavy equipment used to clear snow & ice covered roads has long been faced with an up-hill battle based on lighting equipment failure. Traditional halogen lamps emit light from a fine filament that hasn't been able to withstand the impact generated by the plow's vibration. LED products work from electrically charged semiconductor chips that emit light. The semiconductor produces a solid-state lamp that is far more durable & virtually impervious to shock & vibration.

Prior to the product release, Truck-Lite worked closely with the town of Leroy, NY to test prototype kits in real-life winter scenarios. Dave Uberty, Town of Leroy Highway Department reports, "The difference is like night and day. Driving into blind snow banks in high wind situations with our old lights, we could barely see at all. With the LED lights, vision is no effort at all, and most importantly, oncoming vehicles can clearly see us. What's really scary about this scenario is that if you can't see the highway as a plow operator, it is quite likely that other vehicles on the road in these extreme conditions cannot see you. The potential for a bodily injury accident is very high."

Truck-Lite's LED Snow Plow kit, part number 80863, is composed of a right & left hand lamp assembly as well as appropriate harness. Each right/left lamp assembly includes an LED Headlamp, bracket & pedestal turn signal lamp.

Truck-Lite Co., Inc. is headquartered in Falconer New York, with additional manufacturing facilities in Wellsboro, Coudersport, and McElhattan, Pennsylvania, as well as Birmingham and Harlow England, and other facilities around the world. Truck-Lite is a major producer of signal lighting, forward lighting, wiring harnesses, mirrors, turn signal switches, and safety accessories to the heavy duty truck, trailer, and commercial vehicle industries.

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