What is the lifespan of LED lighting?

As you may know, LED lights are monochromatic.  Monochromatic means that red LEDs only produce red light, amber LEDs only produce amber light... but now there are white LEDs. White light is often produced by using a blue LED covered by a ceramic phosphor coating.  When the blue wave length light is produced, the phosphor releases photons that fill the spectrum and produces white light.  Sometimes we use white LEDs with colored lenses to get red or amber lights but this is not common. 

To answer the question, you needed to know the above information.  The color of the light often indicates the lifespan of the LED Lighting.  Red LEDs are known to be the longest lasting products, followed by white LEDs, with amber LED technology deteriorating more quickly. The good news is that LED lighting frequently exceed 50,000 hours of life.