Prepare with Trusted Equipment

The new heated Super 44® and 60® Series LED stop/turn/tail lamps offer signature Truck-Lite styling, rugged construction and a five-year warranty – now with a heating element that consistently warms the lamp as temperatures fall, preventing ice and snow buildup in even the most severe winter weather.


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 Understand Your Business

Regular LED lamps alone are not always warm enough to melt the accumulating ice and snow, so fleet vehicle drivers must take time brushing and scraping the lights pre-trip and during their trip- losing valuable time that your fleet could be on the road.


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Lead with Cutting Edge Technology 

The Truck-Lite Super 44® & 60® Series Heated LED Stop/Turn/Tail Lamps are engineered with advanced heating technology that employing self-regulating positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heaters.

That means instead of relying on wires or coils to generate heat they use conductive links printed on thin, polymer bases allowing the heater to act as its own sensor so it heats consistently as temperatures drop. The result is safer, faster more reliable heating.


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Don't Wait for Winter, Prepare for it

Winterizing your fleet before the season arrives is just good sense because dangerous driving conditions can appear at any time regardless of the calendar. It's just a cost-effective strategy to ensure that in this time of economic resurgence and booming demand trucks, drivers and loads are moving, and doing so safely and on time.


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