Truck-Lite Heated LED Stop/Turn/Tail Lights - Now Available for Winter

Truck-Lite Heated LED Stop/Turn/Tail Lights - Now Available for Winter

 Truck-Lite Heated Super 44® and 60® Series LED Stop/Tail/Turn Lights

Now Available for Winter

Heated stop/tail/turn lights prevent snow and ice build-up to prevent accidents, improve uptime

Falconer, New York (Oct. 12, 2021) – Truck-Lite Co., LLC, a Clarience Technologies company and a worldwide leader in LED lighting systems for commercial trucks, trailers and bodies, has introduced heated Super 44® and 60® Series stop/tail/turn LED lights to reduce buildup of ice and snow on light fixtures. Heated LED lighting solutions can prevent damage to truck and trailers caused by poor visibility, ultimately preserving shipping capacity and helping to reduce weather-related shipping delays in an already-stressed industry.


“As we move into the busy holiday, shipping season, there’s an increase in freight demand causing shipping capacity to grow even tighter,” said Shane Brown, Vice President and general manager of Truck-Lite. “We want to help commercial fleet operators keep their fleets operating safely during the winter months, which is why we are now offering heated lighting options of our most popular stop/tail/turn products.”


The Latest Innovations in Lighting and Safety

Designed to combat ice and snow build-up, the heated Super 44 and 60 Series LED STT lamps represent the latest innovations in lighting and safety. Using self-regulating heating technology, the lamps are warmed continuously once the temperature falls below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. These lamps are rugged and durable, capable of withstanding vibrations of up to 10 g-force. Truck-Lite engineers developed these products without sacrificing product aesthetics.  The heated Super 44 maintains the iconic “pentastar” light pattern that so many fleets have long recognized as a symbol of Truck-Lite quality.


With the right equipment to help enhance safety, fleets and drivers will spend less time replacing damaged trailers and components from accidents and more time on the road.


Upgrading Aging Fleets

Ongoing supply chain constraints also make finding replacement parts or new fleet vehicles a difficult process. Avoiding damage from accidents or harsh road conditions is crucial to keeping aging fleets on the road and supply chains moving smoothly, while also keeping the drivers safe and out of harm's way.


Incorporating heated light fixtures like heated Super 44 and 60 Series Stop/Turn/Tail lights not only helps to protect drivers from potential accidents, but also extends the lifespan of older fleets negating the need to sideline vehicles for parts replacements due to accidents.


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